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Our Mission
We believe that education is a life-long process of growth and development, which not only enables the individual learner to acquire needed information and skills, but also produces changes in his/her thinking, reasoning, and actions. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Shirley Schools will strive to create an environment in which all students will appreciate knowledge, become self-motivated learners, accept responsibility, become self-reliant, respect themselves and others, learn to practice good work ethics, and become a productive member of our society.
  • Veteran's Day Celebration | Nov 2019
    Veteran's Day Celebration | Nov 2019
    Shirley School Students enjoyed honoring our Veterans on Nov. 11th. There were 25 Veterans in attendance for breakfast. We thank you for your service and for taking the time to visit with the students!
    And thank you to Shirley School Cafeteria for hosting this event.