2019-20 First 9 Weeks Honor Roll
EL HRoll 1

Congratulations to all the students who made Honor Roll!

2019-20 First 9 Weeks Perfect Attendance
PA 3

Shirley School Students who missed one day or less in the first nine weeks were recognized today.

Fire Prevention Day | Oct 2019

Students at Shirley Elementary learned about fire prevention with Shawn Brewer & Smokey the Bear. Thank you Clayton Borecky, Fairfield Bay Fire Department, and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

Dental Hygiene with Tina Thompson | Oct 2019
Dental 1

Tina Thompson, dental hygienist with MCNA Dental in Little Rock talked to our students in grades kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. She read a book on dental health and gave each student a bag with tooth brushes, floss, and toothpaste.

Farmer for a Day Fair Fun 2019

Shirley Elementary Kids took a trip to the Van Buren County Fair where they enjoyed the experience of farm life for a day. Thank you to all who worked hard to make this event possible!

The Aug/Sept 2019 Employee of the Month Award Goes To...
Employee of the Month

Congrats to all who worked hard to be here every day through the months of August & September!

Celebrate Freedom Week | Sept 2019

During the month of September, students have been studying the Constitution of the United States. In honor of the US Constitution and to Celebrate Freedom, Shirley Students and Staff wore red, white, and blue on Friday Sept 27th.


Elementary School Photo Album

Cyber-bullying Assembly with Kevin Honeycutt
Valentines Day 2019
2018-2019 School Year
U.S. Flag History with Miss Peggy|Nov 2019
Vet Flag 1

Miss Peggy, from the Veteran’s association, taught fifth graders the history of the flag and the meaning of each of the thirteen folds.

Veteran's Day Celebration | Nov 2019
VetDay 7

Shirley School Students enjoyed honoring our Veterans on Nov. 11th. There were 25 Veterans in attendance for breakfast. We thank you for your service and for taking the time to visit with the students! And thank you to Shirley School Cafeteria for hosting this event.

Iris Garden Club Art Competition Winners|Nov 2019

Congratulations to the Shirley Elementary class winners of the Iris Garden Art Cardinal Competition!