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Gifted & Talented Director

Mr. Jeff Mannon

Program Goals
  1. To provide, in addition to the regular school curriculum, a differentiated curriculum for the identified students.

a. To provide enrichment to students so they can excel in their studies and outside of the classroom as well.

b. Provide opportunities for critical thinking and problem-solving.

  1. To provide appropriately differentiated student experiences to meet the cognitive, affective, and social needs of the identified G/T students.

a. Present subject content that is related to broad-based issues, themes, or problems.

b. Integrate multiple disciplines into areas of study.

  1. To provide for the development of productive, complex, abstract, and higher level thinking skills.

a. Provide opportunities for in-depth learning of self-selected topics within areas of study.

b. Provide for the development of independent, self-directed learning skills.

  1. Provide for a variety of learning environments which include field trips, career involvement, cultural activities, mentorships, and community service.

a. Provide for open-ended learning experiences that will go beyond the classroom walls.

b. Utilize community resources and facilities.

Class Schedule

Gifted, Talented and Creative

5/6 GT: Mon-Fri 12- 12:30 3/4 GT: Mon-Fri 12:45- 1:15

Library Schedule

Kindergarten: Mondays 1st Grade: Fridays

2nd Grade: Tuesdays 3rd Grade: Thursdays 4th Grade: Monday- Soell and Friday- Blair 5th Grade: Wednesday 6th Grade: Tuesdays

Technology Classes

5th Grade: Thursday 6th Grade: Wednesday